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Studio Policies


Regular attendance is essential for your progress in dancing. A portion of each class is devoted to reviewing any new work from last week’s lesson. It takes much time to teach a child who is repeatedly absent, compared to a child who attends class regularly. When you are ill or find it necessary to miss a lesson, you may make up the lesson in a corresponding class.


Dance Attire

Solid leotards and pink tights mandatory for all intermediate and advanced ballet classes. All other classes may wear any color leotard and tights. Dance shoes are as follows: pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, black sneakers if needed for advanced levels.  Lyrical shoes are teacher recommended.   Wear hair neatly away from the face. HAIR MUST be pulled up, off the shoulders, in a bun for all intermediate and advanced level ballet. No shirts, sweats, or baggy pants for these classes.